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©fotograficasa 2013 designed by sopranA*


              Dune Varela 2015


On my way down to Morsiglia, looking for the « donkeys' cemetery », i took the trail who follows  the sea above in a steep terrain and torn, offering a panoramic view of the west coast of the cape.

You move from the outside irradiating light to the darkness of the undergrowth, a small holm oak's wood, which appears such as a secret setting, the hidden part of a spreading landscape as an archetypal symbol.

I came back to the Cape for this trail, the one who takes you to this hidden wood, where time has stopped.

I found my way and i took a photograph, exactly at the same place i was five years ago.

From that point i went on the idea of the picture inside the picture, on memory and mise en abyme in photography.

I photographed fragments of landscapes with no horizon, weak crooked trees, rocks coming from  Neolithic. Modifying perspectives, creating breaks or inserting a picture inside the picture, i tried to overthrow the classical representation codes (panoramic and horizontal landscape).

Causing lines breaks inside the picture is in a way getting closer to the reality of the Cape with all its geological accidents and closer to the orography of this land containing all the mystery we can't get, what is beneath and we can't see.

Dune Varela

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