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©fotograficasa 2013 designed by sopranA*

    casA magnA, the walls tingle with history

In 1999, we felt in love with this  almost ruined house and we knew straight away that it would become a story to be shared

Our home – known here as a palazzu – was built in its present form in the 19th century, but parts of it were built on medieval remains. It is located in Magna Suttana, one of the oldest hamlets of the Rogliano village and is surrounded by a terraced-garden and an old olive grove.

Identity of the place . . . 

It is all the more easy for us to say that it is a gorgeous place since we are not responsible for its beauty. In fact, we simply saved it from an otherwise certain state of neglect. When we bought it, it was almost falling apart and open to the four winds. Its only inhabitants were the ewes, bats, rats and an invading wisteria! The roof and the stairwells, were collapsing and there was neither water nor electricity.

In the last years, we have renovated it while living hapilly and welcoming family and friends. It then became obvious that we wanted to open up this exceptional place further, by sharing it through our passion for photography.

Through photography workshops, in-house residency and  original exhibitions, our home will become a  lively cultural venue at the crossroads of excellency, art and exchange.

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