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              Pascal Dolémieux


For years now, I have been a photographer. For years, I have looked at the world through a window attached around my neck or over my shoulder or stored at the bottom of my bag. Sometimes the world does not seem big enough. It takes all kinds to make a world – even creating new ones.

Pascal Dolemieux is an acclaimed photographer. As early as 1981, he was awarded the prize of the "Fondation Nationale de la Photographie"; this was followed two years later by the prestigious Niepce prize. He was also the first laureate of the Centre National de la Photographie (category: under 30 years old). Pascal Dolemieux's gentle and curious gaze on the world attracted international recognition, with exhibitions throughout the world from New York to Berlin. Whenever the real seems to resist his approach, he manufactures and pictures the part of dream he wants to share. His tempo is calm and his gaze acute. With his good-nature and humour, his vision travels around the in-between of the obvious, with a pinch of sweet and generous Epicureanism. To contemplate his pictures is like having a unique dream, one that draws on the little - yet magical- details of the everyday. His wide-ranging skills allow him to work in many photographic styles.
He was involved in the creation of the Vu and Metis agencies, and was also part of Rapho.

He is currently represented by La Company & PictureTank

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