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©fotograficasa 2013 designed by sopranA*

We are both photographers. We decided in 2005 to live and build our future in Corsica with our kids. Ever since, we share our time between the island and the rest of the world.

Being aware of the great freedom that comes with our occupation, we have always tried to engage into the life of our village, Rogliano, by organizing art and culture related initiatives.

Photography is for us a window, a great and wide window…

This is the vision we had when creating fotograficasa. It became obvious that we wanted to share more widely our expertise and personal experience by creating a venue dedicated to photographic creation and exchange.

Thanks to  Jean Christian Bourcart, Bénédicte Bourdil, Anne Bourjade, Eric Bouvet, Sylvie Bouvier, Jim Brogden,  Jean Claude Coutausse, Olivier Culmann, Claudine Doury, Marcel Fortini, Françoise Huguier, Olivier Laban Mattei, Dominique Laugé, Pierre Le Gallo, Claudine Maugendre, Louis Félix Nothias, Toussaint Nothias, Nestan Nijaradze, Madeleine Santandrea, Laura Serani, Casey Slamani, Klavdij Sluban, Dorothée Smith, Sébastien Quenot, Patrice Quilici , Hélène Werlé . . . 

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