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Jean Christian Bourcart from march 31st au april 5th 2014


A workshop with Jean-Christian Bourcart is a journey through which we move together towards revealing ourselves in an audacious and daring manner, creating spaces of freedom within the fields of art, psychology, and humor. Through photographic exercises, portfolio analysis, and development of a new series, we will develop our self-confidence in our photographic practice. The aim is twofold: on one hand it is about pushing the limits of what we allow ourselves to do, or what we think we are capable of doing. And on the other hand, it is about deepening our understanding of the creative gesture, through constant back and forth between instinct and analysis, between desire and necessity. In order to help the participants to refine their ability to read an artwork and develop an original photographic style, Jean-Christian will share conceptual tools that he developed throughout years of photographic practice and teaching, The group dynamic will bring an ability to allow for a total immersion, where careful listening and constructive criticism will encourage questioning with no taboo, or limits, except the ones set by mutual respect.


Outline of the workshop:

Analysis of the attendees’ previous work

-Discussion leading to the design of the personal project.

-Daily photo shoots.-Individual and collective analysis of the shootings.

-Selection of images in order to create a series.

-Attendees will constitute a portfolio using small size prints.

-Display of the series and concluding thoughts on the workshop.

​Necessary things to bring with you:

-Any documents (pictures, portfolio) allowing to assess your experience, skills and style.

-Digital camera(s) (Being based in an isolated Corsican village, it is difficult to work with analog photography

- Digital single-lens reflex camera available on request)

-One, or various, new notebook.

-You should bring at least 3 memory cards, potentially a USB key, an external hard drive and/or a laptop to store your images.


Jean-Christian Bourcart  is a photographer who develops a new language for each of his project. Through his career, he collected unsold wedding pictures, photographed with a hidden camera in brothels, swinging and S&M cubs, photographed New Yorkers stuck in traffic jams, projected pictures of Iraqi victims on American houses, and documented the most dangerous city in the USA. He also directed two fiction feature movies and a dozen of videos and five books about his work have been published.

Bourcart has been the recipient of the Prix Niepce, the Prix Nadar, the prix Gilles Dusein, the World Press Award, and the Prix du Jeu de Paume. His work has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art, the Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain in Geneva, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, and the Fonds National d'Art Contemporain. Jean-Christian Bourcart has been living and working in New York since 1997.

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