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Photography is the result of personal choices, as well concerning the substance ( subject, purpose, point of view…) than the form ( aesthetic inclination, format, distance, instant, frame, light…). These highly subjective choices define the personality and the specificity of each photographer.

Photography is also more specifically a question of vision. If we take time to observe, to look at and for, we can find and develop our own sensibility and curiosity. Based on these considerations we will work on our « visual instincts ». The workshop will alternate shootings and brainstorming sessions, group or private.

The general idea is that everybody, with freedom and awareness, find his own way of doing, not reproducing stereotype

       Master class  Olivier Culmann du june 7/12th 2015

                                 In search of its own way in photography





Born in 1970 and photographer since 1992, Olivier Culmann is member of Tendance Floue co-operative since 1996. His work is driven by the recurrent questions of freedom and conditioning. He published several books such as « Les Mondes de l’Ecole » (Marval, 2001) in collaboration with Mat Jacob, « Une Vie de Poulet » (Filigranes, 2001) and « Watching TV (Textuel, 2011). He did many exhibitions in different places in the world and won awards such as « Villa Medicis Hors les Murs » (1997), « Prix SCAM Roger Pic » (2003), « Fujifilm Euro Press Photo » (2004) and a « World Press Photo » (2008). He regularly teaches in France or abroad and was curator concerning India for the Photoquai Biennale organized by the « Musée du Quai Branly » in 2011.










©JM Maurice

Outline of the workshop:

Analysis of the attendees’ previous work

-Discussion leading to the design of the personal project.

-Daily photo shoots.-Individual and collective analysis of the shootings.

-Selection of images in order to create a series.

-Attendees will constitute a portfolio using small size prints.

-Display of the series and concluding thoughts on the workshop.

​Necessary things to bring with you:

-Any documents (pictures, portfolio) allowing to assess your experience, skills and style.

-Digital camera(s) (Being based in an isolated Corsican village, it is difficult to work with analog photography

- Digital single-lens reflex camera available on request)

-One, or various, new notebook.

-You should bring at least 3 memory cards, potentially a USB key, an external hard drive and/or a laptop to store your images.

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