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Casa Bianca


                        Hortense Le Calvez & Mathieu Goussin 2015

Smantellà, in Corsu, means to dismantle. Prior to our participation to the Fotograficasa’s artists-in-residence program in the Cap Corse, a territory well named the island in the island, we directed our research towards the singularity of the sea that surrounds this piece of land. What are the particularities of this seascape? How can we interpret in our present day the cultural patrimony that emerges from this water? The Genoese towers constructed to serve as coastal defence from pirates drew our attention. During our online wandering, the Santa Maria tower dominated the flow and we started to have a pixelated view of these 500 years old stones. We fabricated sculptures in wood, representing fictitious underwater ruins refusing to collapse.  Such as pixels, the cubic shapes, in the sea, are not familiar with gravity. When stretching towards the surface, they become reversed suspensions. Submerged only during their photographic documentation, the installations intend to combine legends of sunken cities with our perception of the digital world, generating a doubt towards the materiality of the shapes. Can photography still confirm the authenticity of the object? How are we constantly incited to question an image’s origin?

Hortense Le Calvez et Mathieu Goussin 2015

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